Monday, 18 November 2013

Sketch walk around Amieira

As the cold days are announcing the arrival of winter, I like to remember warmer and sunnier days spent in Portugal.

I go Amieira, the village where my father grew up and later built a house, every year and this time I took some time to sketch a little around the place.

This little abandoned house is probably my favourite. You can find similar ones all around the region, this one is just falling apart. If I could, I would buy it and renovate it. Leave it as it is. I think it just fits in the scenery perfectly.

amieira 1
To be renovated!
Just a short walk up the hill you can find this cute little chapel. I like the colour combination with the house next to it a lot.

amieira 2
And there was no one around...
Last but not least, my parents' house, which they built and improved over many years. It was their dream when they migrated to Luxembourg. I feel I did not do it justice, specially the roof. But I can try again next year.

amieira 3
Accident in magenta on the left...