Thursday, 2 October 2014

Quiet Paraty after the Symposium

My experience of last year's symposium taught me that I would probably not have much time to explore the city on my own, so I had arranged to stay a few days longer in Paraty before heading for Rio de Janeiro.

Turns out there were several other participants and instructors doing the same, so the positive symposium vibes continued for a while longer. It was great to have more quality time with some of the sketchers, getting to know each other a bit better and sketching together.

So between lively lunches and dinners...

Dinner with KK, Tia and her husband, and Stephanie
Dinner with KK, Tia and her husband, and Stephanie
Moqueca with the ladies
Dinner with Mona, Martine, Francesca, Jessie and Genine
... and sketchwalks to discover Paraty, time went by way too fast. Time definitely flies when you're having fun!

We even went on a boat trip on Sunday morning. I didn't sketch much that day. I guess I needed a break from drawing, and I was enjoying the ocean and people so much anyway.

I spent my last morning in Paraty on my own, discovering the city and sketching in my own pace. I found this cute VW Beetle in the harbour and couldn't resist sketching it. It must have belonged to a French fan of the Olympique de Marseille. At least that's what I assumed because it had their logo on it.

Fusca fan de l'OM
I want one just like that (without the OM sign, though)
I also had time to sketch one of the beautiful colonial buildings using the approach taught by Delphine in her activity. I have to say it definitely makes things easier and more fun for me.

Colonial house in Paraty
I love how colourful the houses are in Paraty
As I kept seeing more and more Beetles, I decided to make a composition that I will call Fuscas de Paratí when I figure out which font I want to use. I saw all these cars in the same day. They were everywhere!

Fuscas of Paraty
So many colourful Beetles! I want one now...
Funny story about the top one without headlights, When I started sketching it, its owner arrived with three little girls and started getting ready to leave. When he saw I was drawing his car, he stayed a bit longer to give me time to finish.

Turns out he was Portuguese and had moved to Paraty a few years ago with his family. His daughter told me that the car was called Marcela.

In the afternoon I went to Jacqueline Guimarães' atelier. I met her during one of the workshops and she invited me to see her work. There was a power outage that day, so Jacqueline decided to close up shop for the day and come for a walk with me.

She took me to different beautiful spots and told me many interesting things about Brazil and life in Paraty.

We wanted to see the sunset from Praia da Jabaquara, but it was getting too cold for us (it was winter after all), so we had to leave early.

Praia da Jabaquara
Waiting for the sun to set on Praia da Jabaquara
For my last drawing for the day, and in Paraty in general, I wanted to document the big rocks that pave the streets of the historical centre. A drawing of rocks is not the most exciting thing, though, so I decided to add one of the many stray dogs. It was night already and they were all so peaceful. Actually these dogs looked pretty well treated and were very friendly in general.

Dogs of Paraty
Jacqueline told me that the inhabitants feed them
I loved Paraty! It is such a cute, peaceful and interesting place. There are a lot of cultural events throughout the year (actually there was going to be a sort of watercolour convention the next week) and the people are very friendly. 

Being there with so many other sketchers only made it more fun.

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