Thursday, 22 January 2015

I went to Brussels...

... and didn't see anything of it.

I was there to attend a day of conferences at the European Commission, followed by a testing day of various European Points of Single Contact (PSC) websites.

Although this is not the most thrilling thing I have done so far, I did enjoy the opportunity to meet people from other European countries and exchange points of view and ideas on our work.

The sad thing is that I didn't get to sketch much. I was way too tired in the evening to go out and see the city.

But I did get plenty of time to sketch people on the way there and back in the train. A three hour ride each way does get a bit long when you have nothing to do.

There were the usual suspects:

... the person busy with their phone...

Phone player
Looked like a busy businessman
... the person reading a newspaper...

There was a reference to Charlie Hebdo
... someone playing sudoku, in this case my colleague...

Sudoku player
Completely engrossed in his puzzle
... the novel reader (I always wonder what they're reading and whether I would like it)...

I know: the levels... Couldn't figure out how to improve them here without making the colours look weird
... and the sleeper.

Sweet dreams!
I do love to sketch in the train. It's far easier than in the bus and less conspicuous too.

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