Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Holiday in Portugal - family gatherings and lots of food

Even before my arrival, my holiday promised to be busier than my work schedule, full with lunches, dinners and other social events with the extended family. It's far from a complaint. I love to spend time with my aunts, uncles and cousins.

I would also love to be able to sketch them all. But since they are a pretty lively bunch they won't stop quiet for me to do so.

It usually goes something like this:

My aunt Lucinda is very conveniently sitting next to me, so I take out my sketchbook and pen, and discreetly start sketching her. Maybe it is because I only see her so often, but somehow I always forget that she is one of the people with most facial expressions per second I know. 

She complained that I made her look old
So, obviously, the result is inconclusive. It does, however, attract my aunt Maria's attention who requests that I make a portrait of her next. A very willing subject, she manages to hold still for the 10 minutes I need to sketch her. Hurray! 

Great model and amazing cook!
The dog is resting, perfect subject to sketch next. Alas! I barely have the time to start on the head that he changes position. As if he knew what I was up to, he keeps moving and changing position. Even the dog won't cooperate when he is resting!

Rex, the restless dog
So when animated subjects are this taxing, what do you do? Focus your attention on the other usual suspect at the table: the watermelon, a much more cooperative subject if you don't wait too long. In the blink on an eye it is half gone! 

Can't blame anyone for wanting some of this delicious watermelon
It is so much more relaxing to sketch inanimate objects At least they won't run away. Or will they?

I won this one at a raffle

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