Thursday, 1 October 2015

Holiday in Portugal - Lisboa again

Of all the cities I have visited so far, Lisbon is probably my favourite. So much so that I ayways try to take a few days from my holiday in Portugal to spend there.

Every year, I tell myself that I should at least try Porto for a change, but every time I end up in Lisbon. I'm probably missing out on Porto, but I can't help it. Maybe next year.

I am starting to have my habits in Lisbon. I usually stay at the same place, have breakfast at Balcão do Marquês down the street...

This place has a great selection of pastries and is always busy
 ...and one last dinner at the Great American Disaster (I know, not very Portuguese, but the place is so sketchable).

It's like being in an episode of "Happy Days"
This time, however, I got a few unexpected surprises. First I met my cousin Samuel, which never happens, and he took me to an abandoned restaurant from where you have an amazing view over the city. The place itself would merit a whole sketching afternoon, but the view is indeed special.

You have a breathtaking panoramic view over the city from here
One day I spent exploring the Alfama, following an alternative route I found on the internet, which started at Miradouro das Portas do Sol and continued through the narrow streets of this very iconic neighbourhood.

Too many details to get lost in, haha
Alfama is like a group of villages in the middle of the city. You can hear life unfolding all around you. People calling each other for lunch, children playing, music on the radio, laundry hanging on the balconies, dogs barking, etc.

I loved all the antennae in this place
As I was sketching on Rua Norberto de Araújo, I was approached by a Bulgarian tv crew filming a documentary on Lisbon who asked me if they could film me. I guess I looked photogenic sitting on my stool, eating my pear and happily sketching away. And I thought "After appearing on Australian TV for a documentary on Strasbourg, why not appear on one about Lisbon for Bulgarian TV?"

Soon I will have a cameo in documentaries all over the world
My sketching trip through Alfama ended at a restaurant called Pateo 13, a place I had heard of recently but didn't think I would actually find. At Pateo 13 you can have the best grilled sardines in Lisbon, seated at tables in the middle of the street. It feels like being at a village fair, the atmosphere is great and the waiters very friendly. Definitely worth it and a great way to finish the day.

The waiters were very surprised that I was Portuguese :D
Lisbon never disappoints.

My room was on the third floor

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