Monday, 26 September 2016

Wandering through Lisbon - sketchcrawling with the locals

I might be quite predictable on this, but one of my favourite parts of Lisbon is Alfama. I love its small streets and corners, and the fact that it reminds me of a village. That is why I arranged to meet Eduardo Salavisa and other sketchers from Lisbon at one of its viewpoints, Portas do Sol.

Before that, however, we spent some time at Largo dos Trigueiros, where we met with Pedro Loureiro and Pedro Alves. They were on their lunch break and took the opportunity to sketch with us. I was not very productive then. Between taking a quick bite to eat and getting to know the Pedros a little, I was not really feeling inspired to sketch at that moment.

After this sadly very short encounter with these two talented and friendly sketchers, Eduardo and I headed to the meeting point at Portas do Sol to start our sketchcrawl. We were a tiny group, only Zeta joined us, and headed down the stairs to our first stop at calçadinha da Figueira.

Down, down some more, we stopped at Igreja de S. Miguel where I started to sketch the view up the stairs. Three boys were playing, one of them racing down the stairs of the church on his bike. His curiosity got the better of him and he came to see what we were doing, quickly joined by his friends.

Gonçalo, aka Piriquito (parakeet), Vítor and Diogo were very impressed by our drawings and I sketched them, so I would have a memory of them in my sketchbook. Unfortunately, I didn't quite capture Piriquito's likeness (I aged him at least 10 years!), but he seemed to like it, specially when I added a few dots to his cap. Children are very forgiving that way.

After this fun meeting with the boys, Eduardo and I stopped at Pois, café, a café next to the Sé.

Eduardo showed me a few more interesting places, good bars and cafés and we finished our sketchcrawl with a beer at Café Tati near Cais do Sodré.

Thank you so much for this pleasant afternoon, Eduardo!

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