Thursday, 2 November 2017

New York - Day 3

I was invited by the Urban Sketchers NY to a workshop held by Mary Robinson.

She taught us to think in broad strokes and values instead of lines or colour, something I never really do.

I must have gone though half a small sketchbook with quick sketches and in the end tried to tie together what I had been practicing with what I usually do.

I loved this exercise and found it liberating in some ways. Now I just need to practice it more often.

At the end of the workshop, Mary posed for us. We had to "sketch her without sketching her". Think values and masses and let her figure appear in the drawing. As I said, fun exercise.

I would have thought that I would be too tired to sketch after this intense workshop. However, on Mary's indication, I stopped at Washington Square and could not not make a quick sketch.

 Back at the Airbnb, in the cozy bedroom. One last sketch for the day.


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