Thursday, 25 July 2013

Drawing from the Heart and over Color Splashes - with Tia Boon Sim and Paul Wang

I have to admit that colour is not my strongest point so far. I really need to work on that. And learn to be less of a control freak when sketching with colour.

So every time I see Tia and Paul's beautiful sketches I cannot help but marvel at them. They are always so colorful and vibrant.

Evidently, when I saw that they were proposing a workshop, it naturally went to my workshops-not-to-be-missed selection. Here is the description of the workshop, with some of Tia and Paul's sketches.

It was very interesting to see Tia and Paul's sketching process to get to the results I so admired. And discovering their techniques and different tools they use (Paul even uses a comb!).

Tia even mentioned to me that Qi Gong techniques can be used for drawing. I have to look into that. And into blind drawing as well.

On this sketch I tried Tia's technique of splashing colour on the paper first (but normally it would be better to have the splashes ready before going on location), and drawing with a twig and ink.

Splashing colours and trying some blind drawing on the columns

Here I tried using Paul's different techniques, drawing with wax, fingers, comb, credit card, etc.
trying different techniques: wax, fingers, comb, credit card, etc.

This workshop was very playful to me. I felt like I didn't really know what I was doing, but I still had fun and I hope that in time I can start incorporating some of their spirit in my sketches as well.

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