Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lighting the City: Lights and Shadows amid Excitement and Serenity - with Sagar Fornies

Sagar Fornies is an impressive artist. All his sketches that I have seen so far have left a lasting impression on me. Adding the fact that he is also a comic book artist (I'm a comic book fan), I have to admit that I was impressed by him even before meeting him.

Being able to attend one of his workshops was definitely going to be one of the highlights of this symposium.

His workshop was about learning to introduce light in our sketches, which also contributes to adding depth to them. More details here.

We made two sketches in total: one in the parc of the university and one inside the beautiful building, and I think that between my first and my second there is definitely some improvement.

Sketching vegetation is not my forte, but I received good instructions. Just keep practicing!
Between the sketch above and the sketch below, there was one key sentence that the great teacher told me:

Don't be afraid!

Yes, I know, it's that simple, and there was more, of course. But this was the core idea and I feel that, added to the other worshops I had already attended, this sentence was the key to unblock me.

Second sketch with some guidance from Sagar
I felt elated at the end of this workshop. I definitely learned a lot and feel like I will improve my skills and have learned not to be so apprehensive about colour and mark making thanks to Sagar and the other teachers.

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