Thursday, 27 March 2014

A piece of Italy

Agnes den Hartogh, one of the members of Sketching Workshop, is preparing a community project for an exhibition in Palazzo Moretti, Pozzuolo, Italy.

Her idea was to take 32 photos of streetview and let different artists interpret them into individual art pieces.

She will then put the panoramic streetview back together for the exhibition.

In this context, she asked if members of the Sketching Workshop group were interested in participating to this project and I got a piece of street as a result.

Here is the reference photo she sent me.

And here is my interpretation.

Yes, the windows are all crooked and deformed. For some obscure reason I just felt like they needed to be like this, haha.

I have seen some of the other finished squares and can't wait to see the finished result. It's going to be great!

The exhibition will be open during April and May, so if you get the chance go see it!