Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Dolphins and monkeys for the Sketching Workshop group

A rew months ago I joined a Facebook group called Sketching Workshop.

It's a community of 150 sketchers (Dunbar's number) who share their drawings and art tips and generally just get to know each other through their shared interest in sketching.

The group itself is divided into subgroups, each with its own topic and purpose: Albums & Chats, Details, Portraits, Tools, Games, Human Figure, Monthly Gig and Comics.

Last week it was my turn to contribute a panel to a series in SW Comics started in the beginning of the year, which was since named "Apollo Diner".

The idea of this activity is to make a comic as a cadavre exquis, each person continuing the story where the previous person left off.

Apollo Diner is a very surreal story, as it was inspired by a dream of one of the participants, who contributed the first two panels. Four people have since already added their crazy twist.

So far the story goes like this:

An Apollo rocket crashes in a city, which starts the rise of amoebe-shaped zeppelins and as a consequence the city starts getting deformed. Buildings start chewing on the zeppelins, and the cuts resulting from that are transformed into polite roasted chickens with legs and hats. Strange fruit starts growing from the ground and walk around with hats.

There is a scene in a diner (the Apollo Diner), where Amy is having drinks with a strange character (Apollo) who has a head that looks like plates with a greek mask. She falls in her drink into a strange world with an ananas dome, tetra milk buildings and strange creatures, until she lands on a spot called "right there".

From there she takes the Apollo airliner, a flying dolphin, which soars through the sky until she sees the "inverted island".

And this is where my panel fits in.

I'm curious to see what this is leading to. Can't be anything serious, which I'm loving!

I'll be posting more on the Sketching Workshop group from time to time.

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