Thursday, 24 April 2014

Getting infected by Prashant Miranda

Prashant Miranda has to be one of the most contagious people I have ever seen.

His love for sketching is just so obvious and he communicates it so well that it is impossible not to want to at least try and keep a sketching journal.

In his videos for Sketchbook Skool he tells us about journalling, his travels, keeping a sketchbook as a way to remember things and how these sketchbooks have come to be his best friends.

Another thing I appreciated about his klass was his watercolour demo introducing a few techniques like wet on wet and wet on dry.

I haven't been very proficient this week, but I managed to try out the wet on wet technique for his assignment: sketching the sky.

I will keep making a few sketches of the sky in the future. I find it to be quite a lot of fun.

I couldn't help myself from making a portrait of Prashant. As I said, his enthusiasm just overflows and I wanted to capture that in my folded sketchbook (which is already full now, by the way ; I have to make a new one).

In one of his parting gifts, he sings us "Painting box" by the Incredible String Band. I had never heard this song before, nor about this band even. 

I think it was a very fitting choice and I keep hearing the chorus in my mind now.

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