Monday, 5 May 2014

A few days in the Prague

I was invited to a couple of friends' wedding in Prague, which felt like the perfect occasion to go back to this beautiful city where I once used to live.

It had been 3 years since my last trip to "the Prague", as the Czechs say, and I was very excited at the idea of sketching the city a little (besides meeting my friends, of course). I didn't use to sketch back when I was based there.

However, since I had so many people I wanted to see, I ended up making almost all my sketches on my way there, haha.

There are no direct flights from Luxembourg to Prague, unfortunately, so I had to take the train to Brussels airport first.

Train ride to Brussels airport
and very uneventful, too...
After the check-in I waited about three hours at the airport, plenty of time to do some sketching. Here are a couple of drawings I'm more satisfied with.

Sculpture in Brussels airport
Strangely enough, I only noticed this piece after sitting for at least one hour...
Budgie in Brussels airport
Some kids came to play with Budgie when I was almost done.
Once in the plane, I had to make the traditional plane sketch, of course.

On the plane to Prague
It all started from the window.
And now to the only sketch of the city I actually made. It was on my first morning there on Jiriho z Podebrad, a beautiful square in Vinohrady where I remembered some very convenient benches, perfectly suited for sketching.

The weather was gorgeous and I was waiting to meet a friend. This must be the most complicated building I have sketched so far and I'm quite happy with the result.

On Jiriho z Podebrad in Prague
I kept thinking that I was a masochist and telling myself to be patient and keep sketching.
To be completely honest, I made a few more drawings, but they were mostly doodles not really worth mentioning. I will only post a few graffitis I copied from the John Lennon wall, which is a place I love because it is constantly changing. It looked completely different from my last visit.

"Láska" means "love" in Czech
To round up the whole trip, one more plane sketch. I discovered milk in small paper bags like the ones for sugar. I had never heard of these before and found them quite strange. I guess it must be condensed milk.

On the plane back to Brussels
I was not sure whether this person was a man or a woman at first. It was a man.

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