Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Slowing down with Tommy Kane

It's already the last klass of this semester at Sketchbook Skool. I have to say I haven't been very dilligent these last couple of weeks... But I intend to catch up on that now!

This week it was Tommy Kane's turn to give us his insights and advice on sketching. I already knew his art and was very curious about this particular klass. I have to say his videos were probably the most entertaining of all so far.

His approach is very different from what is mine right now. I tend to be quite impatient and I think it shows in some of my sketches, so when he tells us to slow down it doesn't quite mean the same to him as it does to me.

His homework was to make one drawing of our kitchen. Nothing complicated with that. However, when he asks us to take AT LEAST THREE HOURS to do it, it gets slightly more complicated for me.

What he wants us to do is to look as long and as intently as we can in order to put in as much detail as possible, work with crosshatching (which I don't master at all!), etc.

This drawing, which took me a bit over two hours to make, was as far as I could get right now. I think I managed quite a bit of detail in there, but I am not satisfied with my crosshatching at all.

I intend to give it another try soon. This exercise is teaching me patience and not to stop my drawing prematurely.

My kitchen for Sketchbookskool
I'm quite proud of the reflections on my owen and microwave, though :)
One more very important piece of advice is to never abandon a drawing, even if we are not satisfied with it. Another important lesson that I intend to take with me along the road. I know that many of the drawings I'm not satisfied with are actually just not really finished.

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