Monday 15 September 2014

Goodbye jetlag! - a few days in Búzios

My first stop during my trip to Brazil was in Búzios, a peninsula north of Rio de Janeiro, apparently a very popular holiday destination.

The decision to go there was relatively random, to be honest. I was arriving in Brazil a few days before the symposium, just like another symposium attendant, Sue Pownall.

Sue is from the UK and was also looking for a travelling companion to go on a short trip before the big event. Búzios seemed like an interesting and relaxing place, so we went.

Drinks by the sea
Even in winter, cafés were pretty busy
I love the sea/ocean/any type of water and Búzios' main attraction is its beautiful beaches, so it was a great way to start my Brazilian adventure.

Little boats of Búzios
These cute colourful boats were everywhere.
Búzios became famous and fashionable after the French actress Brigitte Bardot turned it into a regular vacationing place. There is even a statue of her on a street with her name (Orla Bardot) by the beach.

Statue of Brigitte Bardot
"I'm here to stay!"
There was this fun statue of presidente Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira. I was told he was the one who turned Brasília into the country's new federal capital in the 1960s. I love this statue, it is so unusual to see a politician depicted in such a relaxed and human way.

Statue of Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira
"Olá gente! Welcome to Búzios!"
Travelling with another sketcher gives you a freedom to draw that you don't have when travelling with people who are not into sketching themselves. So this was a great way to warm up before the symposium.

It gave me full freedom to sketch the most random objects and subjects of interest, like this table boat full of condiments...

"Main dish ahead, capt'n!"
... or one of the beautiful coconut trees.

Watch out for falling coconuts!

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