Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Bee commission

A while ago, I was challenged to post 3 of my drawings every day during 5 days on Facebook.

On one of these occasions, I posted a selection of my portraits and a contact of mine, Kristen, asked me if I took commissions. She wanted me to make a portrait of her little daughter, Bee.

To be honest, I never seriously considered earning any money with my drawings, even if, of course, it is a bit of a dream of mine, so I was hesitant at first.

Not so much to make a portrait on demand, but more about getting paid for it. I'm no professional, so it seemed a bit preposterous and I had no idea how much money to ask for it anyway.

However, I overcame these qualms and took on the challenge and made a comprimise with Kristen (and with myself): I would make the portrait (it was good practice anyway) and she would take it only if she liked it.

There were many cute and cheeky pictures to choose from, so that was a bit of a challenge in itself, and I settled on one that I found both a bit complicated and showing a bit of the girl's personality.


Kristen and Bee liked the portrait and it has now arrived safely to Switzerland. It is now part of a collection of Bee portraits, of which I am pretty proud.

It has certainly been a growing experience for me and I am grateful to Kristen for nudging me in this direction.

We are a long way from opening a business from this, but I am now a tiny bit less daunted about selling my work.

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