Thursday, 21 May 2015

A hen party

Last weekend I attended a friend's hen party.

Her matron of honour told us that she had requested 2 things for her hen party: that we had a pic-nic and that there be a pink princess cake.

The plan was to surprise her in the morning, dress her up in a pink tutu, a princess tiara and special t-shirt  and, little twist to the story, take her to Strasbourg for the weekend.

The bride-to-be in her outfit for the day

After we arrived and left our luggage at the hotel, we headed towards a parc where we had a nice pic-nic with the star of the show, the princess cake.

I have to say it was really pretty and I think the matron of honour did a great job finding it. Plus it was quite yummie, so alltogether well done.

A princess cake for a princess bride
A princess cake for a princess bride

After the pic-nic we went for a walk during which the bride-to-be had to distribute candy and small toys to people.

It was fun to see some people wave at us from the distance when they understood what was going on. The pink tutu and crown were a dead giveaway for sure.

A ride on the carousel on place Gutemberg finished the princess part of the weekend and we had a delicious dinner at a Brazilian restaurant I can only recommend, the Rio's.

The following day we strolled around some more - this time the future bride didn't have to wear the tutu -, bought some souvenirs and had lunch at Flam's, a place specializing in tartes flambées (or Flammekueche), before heading back home, tired but satisfied with the weekend.

Lunch at Flam's, Strasbourg
Eating Flammekueche, miam!

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