Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Oldies but goldies with the USk France in Strasbourg

Last weekend the annual national Urban Sketchers France meeting took place in Strasbourg. It is only 2 hours away by train, so of course I had to be there!

This time, Luxembourg was quite well represented, with 6 sketchers in total, Tessy, Aniela, Arnaud, Jean-Paul, Sandra and I!

The organisation was flawless. There were 2 different sketchcrawl routes to choose from every day, an official meeting place (Café Atlantico) and even a dinner on Saturday evening.

On Saturday, most of us decided to go on the "belles carrosseries" route. It was dedicated to places where we could find old cars. The day was a bit rainy, so we stuck to the 2 garages that were on the programme.

We stopped first at H.H. Services, where we stayed the whole morning until early afternoon.

There were many beautiful cars being repaired, like this Mercedes 300 SL...

Mercedes 300 SL chez HH Services
Even without its "wings" it was beautiful
...or this MG PA 1935.

MG PA 1935 chez HH Services
I wonder if it used to be a race car. For some reason, it looks like one to me.
Do not ask me any details on the cars. I am a total noob when it comes to cars.

The atelier was full of sketchers and there were many interesting subjects to choose from. The atelier was invaded by sketchers, so the tricky part was to find a spot with a clear view of the chosen subject.

Carrosseries chez HH Services
Sketchers sharing their drawings everywhere
After H.H. Services, we went to l'Atelier de Jojo, which specialises in repairing old 2 CVs and other old Citroën cars.

Is there a more iconic French car than the "deuch"? I don't know, but I can't think of any.

2 ch à l'Atelier de Jojo
Such a fun atelier!
I only had time to draw one car before we left for the "headquarters" at Café Atlantico, where I saw some old friends like Tula and Marion, for example.

Dinner was next, with an evening of Flammekueche or tarte flambée, miam!

More on that and the rest of the weekend in my next post.

PS: "Oldies but Goldies" is the title of one of Lapin's publications. Check it out on his website. It is really great!

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