Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sketching sketchers in Strasbourg

One of my favourite things in any USk event is definitely to meet people - old friends and new.

In all, there were around 200 sketchers over the weekend. Plenty of opportunities to socialize and sketch people.

Sketchers are among the best subjects to draw, as they are usually so engrossed in their work that they don't move much, so I was able to catch a few of them in action.

You might think that most of them look slightly grumpy on my sketches. But in reality it's their "in the zone" faces. So actually they're really happy faces.

Denis studying his subject

Georges had wonderfully colourful sketches

Gérard is the master of perspective

Lolo, one of the USk Strasbourg organizers. Can't thank them enough for this amazing weekend!
Dinner at Brasserie de la Bourse was great. I sat at the Luxembourgish table with a few sketchers from Paris (Marion and Christine) and one from the Netherlands (Rene).

If sketchers sketching are great subjects, sketchers eating are much more challenging. As a result you get funny looking portraits.

Dîner à la Bourse
That floating partial face is supposed to be Tula, a friend I met in Barcelona :D
Rene, all the way from the Netherlands
Great food and great fun all around. The most difficult part, as usual, was to say goodbye.

Looking forward to the next USk event!

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