Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Back in Rome after Civita

The workshop in Civita went by way too fast. Luckily, I still had 2 days to spend in beautiful Rome, one of which with Stephanie and some of the workshop participants.

Stephanie lived in Rome for a while, so she knows the city pretty well. She took us to the Pantheon, telling us that it has a nice cupola to sketch.

I thought she meant there was a small cupola in the middle of the building, but in fact the whole place is a huge cupola. Talk about a challenging subject!

I tried to apply what I learned in Civita, and it helped a little, but working with curved lines everywhere really is something else. This is the best I could manage.

Hiding all kinds of mistakes behind ghost people :D

After this, we more than deserved a bit of rest at a nice terrace on Piazza Navona. I know, not the smartest choice. Could there be a more expensive place in Rome? But the place is so beautiful that, really, why not indulge in a piece of pizza there?

Time also for a very simple and minimalistic sketch. A real walk in the park after the Pantheon.

I loved the signs here
The following morning, Stephanie took me to the Quattro Fontane, a very busy crossing with four big beautiful fountains I had never heard of before. I chose to sketch the one of a woman with a swan (Leda maybe?).

I was surprised at how easy it felt compared to what it would have been just a week before.

Tourists and traffic everywhere
I was on my own for the rest of my stay there, walking pretty much aimlessly (like I love to do when exploring a city), catching a few typical Italian sights (Vespa, what else?).

This one was a beautiful bright yellow colour
I challenged myself to another city scene. I couldn't resist this strange-shaped building.

Just need to learn how to combine this with colour now
On my way back to the hotel, I walked through Piazza della Repubblica again, where the Basilica S. Maria degli Angeli i dei Martiri lies. It is wonderfully cool and very pretty inside.

I didn't muster the courage to sketch the place, though, but I quickly managed to capture one of the angel statues inside ; my last sketch in Rome for this time.

It had a Mona Lisa smile
That's it for my latest Italian adventures. I already look forward to my next holiday there!

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