Monday, 27 January 2014

42nd international Sketchcrawl

On Saturday I went to Mudam for the 42nd international Sketchcrawl.

Leen Van Bogaert, a fellow Urban sketcher I hadn't met yet, organised the meeting place and contacted several people.

I on my side contacted some friends. I was happily surprised when two of them showed up.

All in all we were 8 people, which I think is a very good number for a first meeting.

We all met at the entrance of Mudam and, after a few introductions, split up to do some sketching.

I only made two sketches at that point. Here is one of them.

42 Sketchcrawl @ Mudam
People were coming and going, checking out an art installation.

After about one hour, we all gathered at the cafe area, where we had a nice chat and got to know each other.

I learned to my astonishment that there is a Luxembourg Sketchcrawl group and blog. Another welcome surprise!

42 Sketchcrawl Drink and Draw @ Mudam
Looking forward to more sketchcrawls with these lovely people
We were quite the international bunch: Beata, Kuba and Izabella are from Poland, Leen is from Belgium, Ana is Portuguese, Didier is French, Tessy and I are from Luxembourg.

42 Sketchcrawl @ Mudam
Izabella and Kuba didn't actually sketch anything, but it was very nice meeting them
We exchanged email addresses before parting. Hopefully we'll stay in touch.

In the evening I went to see West Side Story at the Théâtre Municipal de Luxembourg. It was the perfect way to end a beautiful day.

I even got to do one last sketch.

West Side Story
As with all other sketches, colour was added later


  1. Looks like you had a great sketchy day with lovely results. I especially like the museum one with that great roof.

    1. Thank you Sue! Yes, it was a lovely afternoon and I was specially thrilled to meet so many sketchers! :)