Sunday, 26 January 2014

January mail art

The topic of this month's mail art exchange organised by Atelier "Carnet à Spirale" is the colour green.

I have to say I wasn't very inspired for a while.

Or rather I had too many ideas to choose one.

Until this little frog jumped into my mind.

It's waiting for a princess to drop her gold ball in the water
Now it will be hopping its way to Belgium.

UPDATE: Check out the compilation of all the mail arts sent during this exchange. They all look great!

UPDATE 2: Here's the lovely envelope I received from Claire from France

I've always wanted to see a jungle :D


  1. Just out of curiosity : have you received my enveloppe ? Your is very pretty !

    1. Ouiiiii! Je l'ai reçu et il est magnifique! Je m'excuse de ne pas m'être manifestée plus tôt, j'étais en vacances jusqu'à cette semaine et du coup j'ai plein de choses à rattraper...
      Ca te dérange si j'ajoute une photo de ton enveloppe ici? J'ajouterai un lien vers ton blog, of course :)

    2. Aucun problème, cette enveloppe est maintenant la tienne ! ;-)