Thursday, 2 January 2014

Surprise mail art exchange

After the last mail art exchange, one of the organisers asked me if I wanted to do an "unofficial" exchange with her, which I happily agreed to.

This time it went to Belgium, and I thought I'd send a nice poinsettia, or Christmas Star, per mail.

I thought it was fitting for the season.

Like last time, I cut the shape of  the envelope in watercolour paper, which I folded once the drawing was done.

The only thing I was unable to control was the stamp.

They don't seem to have a lot of sensitivity for creative envelopes at the post office here: the woman just pasted the first stamp she got her hands on without even showing me first.

I think there was a football player on it; not very fitting.

I'm just glad she put an actual stamp on it, even if I had to insist to get it.

My creation arrived today appartently, so now I can show it here.

The front of the envelope
The back side

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