Wednesday, 9 July 2014

It's a piece of toast!

The second semester of Sketchbook Skool has just started and this time the theme is "Seeing".

The first klass was held by Danny Gregory again.

He gave us two assignments: the first was to sketch a piece of toast in as much detail as possible, focusing on its "nooks and crannies", not labelling what we see.

The second assignment was to use a fast and a slow approach in one single drawing. First drawing our subject in one minute, preferably with a very thick brush, and in a second stage drawing the same subject again in as much detail as possible.

The toast assignment was definitely an exercise in patience. I'm all for drawing in detail, but it was difficult to forget that the nooks and crannies were just tiny wholes in my bread!

However, I loved to slowly see the drawing emerge and develop on the page.

Who knew that toast could get so interesting?
The second exercise was a lot of fun. I find that starting off with the thick quick lines really helps to go to the essentials of the subject and gives the drawing a more spontaneous and vibrant feeling.

I didn't take as much time as I should have for the second stage of the exercise, but I definitely see the potential for learning from this technique and will try it out again for sure.

The colour is a bit off here. My editing skills need improving!

I enjoyed this klass as much as Danny's previous one. The videos are fun and motivational, at times even philosophical and almost touching to the metaphysical! Danny is a poet at heart!

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