Friday, 25 July 2014

Just one line

This week's klass was held by Brenda Swenson, whose watercolour art is just beautiful.

In her videos she challenged us to use the continuous line (continual line? - I've seen both, but don't know which one is correct) technique to really get us to see the objects we are drawing.

Homework consisted in making 3 sketches with the onle line technique: one sketch of one object, one with two objects and one with three objects.

The results are usually a bit wonky but also very lively, I think.

I noted the start and finish points in my drawings for reference.

coffe maker for Sketchbook Skool
The frame is another one of Brenda's tips and was added in the end
The teapot sketch is the one I'm most satisfied with from this series. Maybe it's because of the curvy lines which make the whole drawing look more flowing?

I also used a different pen, so the lines don't look so stark.

teapot for Sketchbook Skool
Fancy a cup of tea?
I was not very focused for this last one. I guess the subject was not very inspiring. And I don't like how stern the black looks.

office supplies for Sketchbook Skool
Looks so messy...
Brenda gave us one more assignment: make one more still life with the continual line technique and then colour it with watercolour. I am still working on it and might update this post later on.

I really enjoy this one line technique. It forces you to draw differently and think/look at your subject in new ways. 

Some students even sketched their living room like this. Very impressive!

I'm happy to draw smaller objects for now, but I will definitely try moving up to more complicated subjects in time.

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