Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Me, myself and I

I have been a very bad student for the second klass, this time held by Koosje Koene again.

Our assignment was to make one selfportrait a day. Which I failed to do miserably.

Koosje suggested that we make 2 portraits from a picture, 2 looking at a mirror, 2 using one continuous line and one from memory.

And I thought: "Oh yeah, I've done that before, it will be ok."

Right. Only the problem was I somehow didn't find the time / energy / will to do one every day.

So here are the only 2 portraits I did, both looking at a mirror, one of them in one continuous line (I'll let you guess which one).


In spite of my lack of actual work, I think this is quite a fun assignment.

I will definitely challenge myself to one selfportrait a day at some point. It was just not the right time, I guess.

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