Sunday, 26 July 2015

A week in Civita - getting to work

Our week in Civita was so packed with new knowledge and sketches that I don't really know where to start. We all had lots to learn, many questions and a big motivation to get to work.

Stephanie first gave us a class on perspective and later on watercolour. Her classes were packed with new information yet simple to understand. Many things made more sense to me.

Our first assignment was sketching a frontal view on Piazza S. Donato. Not yet too complicated, but as with any urban view, the tricky part was to allow enough space to sketch everything.
Piazza S. Donato, Civita
Piazza S. Donato
Throughout the days, Stephanie took us to different types of views with different challenges, always giving us some pointers or demos on how best to tackle each subject. Everything seems so easy with her.
Civita was pretty peaceful
One of the demos that made it click for me most was this next view. Finding the right colours for the shadows and shapes so that they don't look flat and lifeless can be pretty challenging. Watching Stephanie mix and apply her colours taught me a lot.
Copying the teacher. Not quite there yet, but learned a lot by trying

One thing I learned, for instance, was the difference between shadow and shade, shadow being colder than shade. It's the kind of seemingly simple information that can make a lot of difference in a sketch, in my opinion. In this exercise I tried to apply that, but got a bit carried away.
It doesn't look like it, but tourists kept walking by all the time
There is no shortage of pretty views in Civita. We were spoiled for choice, so good thing Stephanie knows the town like the back of her hand and chose the best spots for us beforehand.

Porta S. Maria, entrance to Civita, seen from inside the town

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