Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hot mail

In June I participated in another mail art exchange organised by Sylvie Bargain at Carnets de... vie.

The chosen theme, "Hot",was not exactly the most inspirational, but I still wanted to participate. These exchanges are a lot of fun.

Maybe it was because we had a pretty bleak and chilly month of June, but the fact is that the only hot thing I could think of at the time was the beach.

So I decided to shape my mail art as a flip flop on one side and a beach scene reflected on sunglasses on the inside of the "envelope".

Here is what it looks like closed (before I added the address and stamp):

And here it is open:

This mail art is now in Turkey.

I hope the recipient liked it as much as I liked the one I received. This cool chicken sent by Corinne from Belgium was a very welcome and fun surprise.

Belgians can be so creative and funny! I laughed at Corinne's interpretation of the theme. I would never had thought of that. And I will definitely try the recipe one day.

Here is the post where Sylvie lists all the mail arts from this exchange. It is always very interesting to see people's different interpretations around the same theme.

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