Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A week in Civita - 15 minutes!

One fine morning in Civita, Stephanie gave us a scary prompt: sketch in only 15 minutes!

Scary drill sergeant that she is, she timed everything, allowing us about 5 minutes for our pencil sketches and 10 more for painting.

It was an intimidating exercise at first, but a fun one, too. Being forced to translate a scene to its essential parts was a very beneficial exercise.
Civita 15' sketch
1st attempt
Civita 15' sketch
Getting better
As you can see, most of my drawings look more like they were made in Morocco than in a small Italian town, but I definitely learned a lot about translating light to my drawings.
Civita 15' sketch
This is Morocco, right?

Civita 15' sketch
This one became quite abstract
With only 15 minutes to sketch a place, I was forced to find a balance between being methodic and spontaneous, so as to not overthink what I was doing but still being confident in my process.

The results are not always very convincing, but there is always something to learn from them.

Civita 15' sketch
Playing with values

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