Friday, 10 March 2017

Celebrating diversity at the Festival des Migrations

Luxembourg celebrates its diversity in many ways throughout the year, but the one event where it is the most obvious is the Festival des Migrations.

The festival is organized by a non-profit organization and has grown so much over the years that it now takes place at the Luxexpo, a huge hall that must have been a warehouse in the past.

It is the occasion for smaller non-profit organizations whose aim is to share their culture and promote diversity and citizenship to show their activities and glimpses of their traditions.

Over three days people are treated to free concerts and demonstrations and have the possibility to try a variety of food from all over the world.

I spent an afternoon there sketching with a friend. The most difficult task was to choose a subject and find a place where we wouldn't be shoved by people from all sides.

I was particularly attracted by the colourful and lively African stands. Many were selling handicrafts like decorations, handbags, clothes and jewellery. Impossible to resist! 

There was a surprise at almost every corner, like this Ethiopian stand serving Ethiopian coffee prepared in what I assume is the traditional way. It was the strongest coffee I had ever tasted, but also one of the best I had ever tasted.

The lady serving it was extremely graceful, pouring the beverage in small cups in exactly the same movement over and over again.

Sitting on small stools at yellow and red tables, it was impossible to resist sketching the beautiful coffee setup.

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