Friday, 5 May 2017

USk Luxembourg's 1st international sketchcrawl - Day 2

Sunday felt much more relaxed. Maybe it was because we had nothing to take care of, except being at one or two meeting points in time.

When I arrived at the morning gathering point at Abbaye Neumünster there were already a few people busy at work. No need for any kind of speech or explanations, people just started sketching away as they arrived and I just joined the fun. 

The place was made even more interesting by the fact that there were preparations for Labour Day and the Urban Trail was happening at the same time. I know some of the sketchers tried to draw the runners passing us by, but I was more focused on our own event. How could I miss a chance to sketch Lolo sitting on the ground, sketching the beautiful abbey?

 I also had time to have a proper lunch this time, with my friend Tessy, Julien, Isabelle and Angel, a sketcher who had come all the way from the UK to sketch with us! 

Oscar's has some of the best burgers in town and a very sketchable interior decoration. What else could we need?

My last sketch, and one of the highlights of the weekend, is a portrait of Rolf Schöter, one of my favourite sketchers. I really admire his style, so watching him sketch and get some tips from him was a really great experience.

The whole weekend I kept marveling at the fact that so many people came, some from quite far away. And seeing sketchers again that I had met before at other USk events in my own city felt amazing!

It was such a thrill to see that people were happy and loved the city. We were even asked to make it an annual event. I say: "Why not?" It's well worth the effort after all.

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