Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Luxembourg celebrates its national holiday on the 23rd June. It's the date when we officially celebrate the Grand-Duke's birthday (though his actual birthday is on a different date).

However, the evening of the 22nd is when the actual partying takes place. The city is alive with concerts at every corner, there is a parade and big fireworks. It's the occasion to witness the city in a way you never see it the rest of the year.

That day I left work early, hoping to take advantage of the warm weather to do some sketching. Unfortunately the weather was too good. Not something I say very often here, lol. The intense heat was too much to bear and I only managed to do a couple of quick sketches.

This one shows the view on Place d'Armes as seen through the columns of the Cercle Cité.

The second shows one of the trucks selling drinks that were starting to pop up on the main squares. 

Hopefully next year I will be more productive.

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