Thursday, 6 July 2017

Celebrating Luxembourg's industrial past at the Fête des Hauts Fourneaux

For this month's sketchcrawl we decided to head to Belval again, in the South of the country. The site of the old blast furnace was open to visitors for their annual "Fête des Hauts Fourneaux".

I always find this location very impressive, but seeing it come alive with activities and music made it all the more interesting.

Inside the blast furnace, a group of men were demonstrating how it used to work on a miniature model. Their protective gear with their silver outfits, thick gloves and big helmets reminded me of a sci-fi movie.

It was very impressive to see molten metal come out of the pipe at regular intervals, reminding everyone that the protective gear was indeed essential for this task.

It's hard to believe that Luxembourg's economy once rested entirely on metallurgy. Witnessing such demonstrations is essential not to forget that past.

After a while, due to the wet and slightly cold atmosphere outside, some of us found refuge at a neighbouring café for a pleasant session of drinking, drawing and chatting.

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