Monday, 17 February 2014

Different paper, different styles - part 3

Next type of paper in this Lamali sketchbook is plain white paper like the one from a normal notebook, so I can't use watercolour here either.

At least not with much success, haha.

So I decided to try out a more comic-like approach for these portraits. I have to say I have a lot of fun with them. Probably because I love comics.

For my first attempt, I stuck to only using my brushpen. Baby steps.

Grace for JKPP
I might add some colours in the balloons one day
For the next one I wanted to try making something more caraicature-like. Caricatures are not my strong point, though. But I got the expression right.

David for JKPP
Bad quality photo, sorry...
I loved the face Marine was making in the reference picture of my next portrait. She seems to be a very funny person.

Marine for JKPP
I got her name wrong here. She's Marine, not Martine!
In this one I started adding colour and skin tone with markers, to make it a bit more real while remaining in the comic style. I'm not satisfied with the likeness, but I like the expression.

Isabell for JKPP
I met her in Barcelona, she seems really nice
The next two I chose because I liked the challenge, of the composition for the first one, and of the very distorted face for the second one.

Kline for JKPP
It was a fun composition to try out
The skin tones were particularly interesting to try out.

Evgeny for JKPP
Glasses are a challenge by themselves...
So far these pages are the ones that show a greater evolution, in my opinion. It might have to do with the fact that the medium is much easier to use, while at the same time forcing me to make more radical decisions in my choices.

One thing I find interesting is that while at the beginning I would invest half an hour tops for one drawing, now I can sit more than one hour working on one single portrait. I'm becoming a more patient person, haha.

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