Thursday, 20 February 2014

Different paper, different styles - part 5

Last type of paper, I promise!

I actually didn't notice it at first, only after filling quite a few pages. My observation skills are unsurpassed, haha!

Again, I don't quite know how to describe these pages. They're slightly grey and porous.

My pencils don't make strong enough marks on this paper, so I thought it best to use watercolour.

It's not as tricky to work with as the first few pages in the sketchbook (or maybe I have just changed my approach), but I have to be very careful with the amount of water I use, and wait for the paper to dry correctly before putting more detailed lines.

I also have to put something under each page when I work on this paper, otherwise the pages below get easily stained, like on this portrait.

Summer for JKPP
I guess it makes the portrait more interesting...
I'm learning to master my brushes and the amount of water I use in watercolour with this paper.

Sylvie for JKPP
Once again, I got the name wrong... She's Sylvie, not Chantal!
After a couple of portraits I started to add some shading. Always very carefully, for the paper is quite capricious. It does make for very soft transitions, though, which I really like.

Catalina for JKPP
She's much lovelier in reality. Very elegant.
I tried using markers, too, but I didn't really like the result. For one thing, the colour continues bleeding a bit after I finish drawing and for another the lines are not as smooth as I would like them to be.

I might give this technique another try later on, when I get tired of using only watercolour

Karen for JKPP
I think I'll use her picture again. I feel like great things can be done with it.
This paper is teaching me patience once more. So far I like the overall results I'm getting

Stuart for JKPP
Looks like his hand is disconnected from the rest of his body...
I have to say I'm having a lot of fun filling this sketchbook. I feel there has been development in each of the styles I'm using, which is very motivating.

Thanks again, Marisa, for the wonderful present! ^_ ^


  1. kudos to you for all your experiments and great drawings/paintings. I need to experiment more :(

    1. Thank you Sue! I think it's "easier" for me to experiment because I still have A LOT to learn, so I haven't found my style yet. I't's a lot of fun :)