Monday, 24 November 2014

Little things from Japan

I have this friend in Japan, Sari, whom I mentioned in a previous post.

We met in Strasbourg for a language exchange (French-Japanese) when we were both studying there.

We ended up speaking mainly French because I was too shy with my very limited knowledge of Japanese.

One day, we had an interesting conversation that went something like this:

Me (very proud to be able to say one full sentence in Japanese): Kyou ha, watashi no tanjoubi desu. (Today is my birthday)

Sari: Heeeeee?! Me too!!

Me: Really?!

Sari: Yes! What year were you born?

Me: In 1981, and you?

Sari: Heeeeeee?! Me too!!!

Me: So we were born the exact same day?! Just on the opposite side of the planet!

The following week we both had a small present for each other, without having previously agreed upon that.

And that's how it's been between us ever since. Every year we send each other a present.

This year I got a very cute package including a bookmark in the shape of a fan, some colourful masking tape and an assortment of crayons.

I found it all so cute that I just had to draw it for posterity!

Present from Sari

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Virtual Painout November 2014: Luxembourg

I have been waiting for this location for a while now and here it is: this month, the Virtual Paintout is taking us to Luxembourg!!

Of course I had to participate again.

Choosing the reference view was slightly easier this time. After all I knew exactly where to look.

This place is located in Hesperange, one of the neighbouring communes of the capital.

I like it because of the view of the old castle over the restaurant.

I used exclusively watercolour pencils and added a few stronger lines in ballpoint pen to give it a bit more depth.

Luxembourg - November 2014
I was considering to move to this commune at some point
Check out the original image to compare.